Post COVID-19 era, unemployment has gone up and GDP of most of the developing nations has gone down. If you see statistically, only pharma sector and tech sector has grown. So, the automation or redundancy of traditional jobs that was about to happen 2-3 years after has happened within this pandemic.

Shops which used to sell offline due to covid have to set up their market online.

Buying pattern of senior citizens and our parents have also changed. Like I remember my father has started reading the newspaper online. My mother has started watching prime video and Netflix as her daily soap were not aired for a long time.

Post covid, the online transactions in tier-2 and 3 cities have also increased.

So, when everything is going online, then why not searching for jobs.

Yes, you guys have guessed it right. I am talking about LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the best way to get a job, build personal brand and generate quality leads.

This article is for all the professional who have lost their jobs due to covid, for bloggers who want to connect to like-minded people and for the freshers who are new to the online world.

You can take a look of this beautiful infographics by mindflash which tells you that how job searching has transformed from Industrial Revolution to the present day. I thought of writing it out, but they have explained it so well that I thought of linking it.

Moving on, I have shared this 1 hour power packed action oriented video where you just have to follow the video and your LinkedIn profile will surely be transformed.

I hope that you have watched the video till the end and I will share the following links:-

To check your LinkedIn Score –

To find email id on LinkedIn –

To build LinkedIn Banner –

I think that will be suffice for now.

I would conclude it by saying that gone are the days when people used to mail their CV’s to hr and now the social proof will be the factor.

CV’s will be redundant in the future and social proof will be the factor to determine your skills.

So, follow all the things and transform your life to get your desired result.

Comment below if you have any things that you want to share or ask.