If you are thinking that you have to read such a big article, then I have to break the ice with you and tell you that this one is not for you. This is for all the bloggers, professionals, mentors and freelancers who wants to understand Digital Marketing.

But before that, you have to ask few questions from yourself that what you are going to expect from this article.

Is it what is Marketing?

Is it what is the difference between Digital and Traditional Marketing?

Is it how to get customer through Digital Marketing?

Is it how to make money from Digital Marketing?

Or is it how to create your own personal brand?

If any of the above question striked your mind, then you can stick on this article and read it further or else, thank you for your time.

Let’s Start.

Digital marketing is more about marketing. Digital is just the medium. So, all the tools like seo, email marketing, social media and paid ads are just the medium by which you can attract the customer.

But, do you think that digital marketing only consists of these tools?

If you say yes, then you are wrong as there is something more to it.

The heart of Digital marketing is the fundamentals of Marketing which no online edu-tech companies like Simplilearn, Udemy and coursera will tell you.

Let me just simplify you that what is marketing.

Marketing is the process of strategies and tactics brand use to promote their product and services to the customer. So, if there is a need for a very sleek wireless keyboard and you tap in that market by building that product with a very competitive price and promote it digitally through various tools, this whole process from researching about the customer’s want to pricing it very competitively in the market and promoting it online to targeted audience who can buy your product. In short, sending the right message to the right person at the right time is Marketing.

Now, it must be cleared that it does not involve creativity, it has science behind it.

There are some misconceptions which I just want to clarify that Sales, copywriting and advertising are the components of marketing and not vice-versa.

“Aim of Marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that product or service fits him and sells itself. Aim of Marketing is to make selling superfluous.” — Peter Drunker

By now, you must be convinced what I am saying is legit.

And now you must be guessing that how come I know so much.

It is all because of my digital mentor Deepak Kanakraju who makes complicated things so simple and speaks his heart out.

Let’s move on.

I hope by now, you must be having this question –

Which one is better, Digital Marketing or Traditional Marketing?

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I certainly have the answer of this question but I want you to think over it before reading further.

Let’s start with Traditional Marketing.

Traditional marketing is what you have seen historically that has affected your buying decisions. It has been around since people started selling goods and services. It is done through different mediums like print advertising, radio, television, telemarketing, billboards. On the other hand, Digital marketing is a very recent concept where you’re buying decisions are affected through Internet. It is done through Social Media campaigns, SEO, email marketing, content marketing and many other ways.

Basic difference between both of them is that former one is push marketing where you are pushing your ads to the prospected customer like watching a match on tv and after every over, there are tv commercials which are pushing you towards the brand irrespective of the desire or interest towards the product. The latter one is pull marketing where you are pulling the customer via your ad like searching for dog food on google and your ad pops up related to dog food. Here, the customer is coming to you to buy the product.

By now, you must have inclined towards Digital marketing as customer is coming to you and the cost of the ad is very low with respect to the return. That’s the best deal anyone can get.

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But, I just want to open your eyes by giving some data points. Digital Marketing is for the affluent English-speaking population in India which is around 100 million located in Tier-1 cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai and so on. Out of that, it is also estimated that Z generation(born after 1994) is the one who is using Internet the most and anyone in the Z generation is the best targeted audience through Digital marketing.

So, what about the people who are in Tier-2/3 cities and are born before 1994.

I think you know that where I am going right now.

Yes, you guessed it right. For those, Traditional marketing is the best way to target them. You must be surprised to know that TV has a reach of 800 million to 1 billion people. Moreover, radio has a reach of 65% of the Indian population. Also, Newspaper has a reach of 465 million people.

Yes, I was also shocked when I saw these numbers and saw such a wide spectrum of Traditional marketing. So, Traditional marketing is not obsolete. It exists with its specific audience.

Let me share an example for both the cases.

A brand like apple wants to advertise their new iPhone.

Which one do you think that they will choose? Traditional or Digital

If your answer is Traditional, then you are correct. As you know that apple is a well known brand, and they have an amazing customer base, so they will just use the traditional medium as their brand is very generic and it does not need any targeted audience.

And if a startup of dog foods wants to advertise about their brand. Then, they will use Digital medium as they will only target the people who have dogs. People without dogs are of no use to them. They can also analyze the customer journey from being a lead to becoming the customer.

I think you have understood by now that it is not digital v/s traditional marketing, it is digital and traditional marketing. They both are of use in their own way with pros and cons but the most important is that what is being advertised.

One question just popped up in my mind that you did not ask how did I reach my mentor Deepak Kanakraju?

It’s okay. I would love to share the story with you.

I was sitting in my room and scrolling Instagram, there I saw an ad which advertised about an internship of Digital Marketing for free by Digital Deepak. I had heard the name before was the first thought which came in my mind. But, that word “free” grabbed my attention and I clicked on the ad which then told me all the pros and cons of the Internship. Then, I searched about Deepak and I found positive feedback. Even, the batch before had given positive reviews about their learnings and changes they saw post their Internship. So, I attended his webinar to get real time experience and then, I was convinced what he was offering. One of the line which made me click the payment button was “In India, the online courses has 5% of completion rate and I have 90% completion rate of the last batch due to my Internship model”. I already had spent a lot on online courses and never completed any. This time, I was convinced that I would complete this one.

And Here I am. Getting out of the comfort zone and writing this article.

One question which came after I had done the transaction was, How did that ad flashed on my Instagram handle?

To answer this question, I have to take you through CATT Funnel which I have learned in this Internship.

So, a few days back from the date of transaction, I was not able to complete my online digital marketing course and was reading blogs to get motivated. Then, I landed on https://digitaldeepak.com/ where I read a few articles and liked it. So, CONTENT is the first point in CATT Funnel where I read his content and got to know about his brand there. Then, Next point is ATTENTION where he targeted his audience and started a digital campaign through Instagram ads. So it was basically, Right person(I was looking for something), Right Place(I use Instagram) and Right Time(I needed some motivation at that time). CHECK MATE!!!!!!!!

Then, I already knew Deepak as I was subscribed to his email list and I checked his social proof before getting into the Internship. So, the third point which is TRUST was building at that time. Lastly, only thing which was left now was the TRANSACTION which is the fourth point of CATT Funnel. I entered the webinar where I got convinced because of Deepak’s authority that he will drive the Internship smoothly. I already had the social proof of his teaching on Facebook and Twitter. Even, He also built the scarcity to join the course asap or else the seats will get filled.

So, this CATT Funnel can be used in any model. Only thing that you have to keep in mind is the niche like Digital Deepak’s niche is Digital Marketing mentor. In that way you have to keep in mind that whatever niche you select, you must be passionate about it with the desired talent and there should be a market related to your niche.

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Hence, formula to create wealth = n^CATT where n is the niche.

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Through this formula, you can also plan to make 1 crore.

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It depends on where are you visualizing your product to be. If your product costs ₹100, then you need 1,00,000 customers to reach 1 crore. But, if you are selling an ebook of ₹1000, then your desired customer base should be 10,000. If you are selling an online course for ₹10000, then your customer base should be 1000 to reach the goal. Lastly, if you are selling your Interior designer services for ₹100000, then you need only 100 customer to get your goal. It’s that simple.

But before thinking to make 1 crore, you should understand economics and how it will help to reach your goal.

If you search about economics, you will find that Economics is the social science that studies the production, distribution and consumption of product and services.

But, let me ask Alfred Mill to simplify it for you.

“Economics is the study of how Individuals, institutions, and society choose to deal with the condition of scarcity.” — Alfred Mill

Alfred Mill has made economics child’s play in his book Economics 101 by simplifying it. You should surely read it.

Coming back, here by scarcity, he meant the availability of resources. As the desires are Infinite, but the resources (land, labour, food) are limited which leads to the conflict and there comes how every individual, institution and society will react to scarcity. That is economics and that is what economist do.

If we take the example of India, the average age of the country is around 27 which means that in the coming years, people will consume a lot as their age will increase. So, economy of India will rise and so you have better chance to make 1 crore in India rather than any other country.


this one is the capital letter but which means that something important is there when you will scroll down.

If I tell you that all you’re strategies and tools are redundant if one thing is not set right.

That is CONTENT.


If your content is not good, then irrespective of your niche or your immense talent, you won’t grab attention or build trust. So, content marketing is only good when your content is fantastic.

Let’s Imagine you have built an amazing content. Then, your next step will be……

Yes, you’re right. Building ATTENTION through various tools. First tool can be SEO where you can optimize your website through backlinks or various other ways to come on the first page of organic ranking. Then, whosoever clicks your website, try to take their email id and name so that you can build your email list and send updates and latest blogs to them. Email marketing is the most frugal and conversion rate is very high. You can also take help of Paid advertising like Google Ads or Facebook ads to attract the customer. If you have integrated all the channels and your content is good, I am certain that you will convert.


So, I have told you two frameworks. One is CATT funnel which is bible for Digital marketing and another one is Integrated Digital marketing framework where all the tools together show fruitful result.

If I tell you that both the frameworks are null and void if there is no Personal brand.

Yes, you heard me right.

Let me simplify it for you. For instance, you have a skill and passion to speak French language very fluently. You started selling online courses related to learn French language to your email list. But, when someone searched your name online, there were no result. So, there is no credibility and authority to which you can persuade anyone to buy your course. Maybe, you have the learnt from the best college in the world. But, there is no online social proof that people can believe in.

If french embassy certifies you and you have worked as a language expert in top companies, then there is some chance that you convert. Moreover, if you start a blog where you teach or guide people about the ways to learn a foreign language, then chances increases. If you start consulting and mentoring people related to French language, then you have higher credibility and authority in the market. And when you commence a startup, you are a known person in your niche then.

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Elon Musk is a personal brand in itself. Even if he starts selling groceries, he will the same authority and credibility in the market.

I think you are cleared by now that how does Personal Branding work.

Therefore, combining Personal Branding with CATT funnel and Integrated Digital Marketing Framework, you can achieve your goal digitally.

I hope you have gained something from this article.

What is your takeaway and what are the new things that you have learnt today?

Write your takeaway in the comments and share your feedback to add value to the article.